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About This Service

This is a fantastic service for anyone who already has a website but needs some quick fixes.

Once ordered, we will schedule one of our PHP Web Programmer’s who has at least 6 years programming experience to work with you remotely.

The programmer will be dedicated for the day(s) you have booked in advance and will be available to you for 7.5 hours commencing at 8:30am.

The programmer will be able help you with the following tasks:

• HTML Scripting
• CSS Scripting
• PHP Scripting
• General script bug fixing

At the end of the shift, our programmer will send you a list of all the completed tasks as well as any pending ones if any. You can then decide if you require him/her again for the following or any other day that suits you.

Please read our FAQs below or feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.


Can I use the programmer for any of my web tasks?
Yes, however with this service he/she will only be able assist with HTML, PHP and CSS related tasks.

Can the programmer build a whole website in one day?
As good as they are, they will not be able to build a whole functioning website in one single day. Please check out some of our other affordable web design services which may be more suited.

How do I communicate with the web programmer?
Once scheduled and booked in, our programmers’ will be available on Skype and Email. Skype is the preferred method as you will be able to communicate more easily with each other.

Can I book a web programmer for more than one day at a time?
Yes certainly, however we restrict the number of days to slots of 5 days at a time. We do this simply to provide a more efficient service to all of our clients. At the end of the 5 days, you are more than welcome to re-book.

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Perfect service. I hired a developer for 2 days and he helped us get our website completed. He was very professional. I recommend this service for anyone who needs to quickly get things done. Harry, Essex