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It’s time to bring back control over our borders…but are there any borders with the Internet?

Website designed with love in the UK

For over 10 years now, there has been a huge increase for outsourcing web related and other ‘virtual’ services to countries outside of the UK.

The US are best known for outsourcing almost all of their IT to countries such as India, which has a huge technological infra-structure.

The gig economy is also growing at a rapid rate and more and more companies (and individuals) are outsourcing various administrative tasks such as data entry, copywriting, producing voice-overs and even video production.

The question is…is outsourcing good for the employment levels and for the economy of the country where you or your company is located? Not the easiest questions to answer.

Let’s try. Firstly with…

Outsourcing has no doubt had a huge impact on the skills required for a specific sector. IT being the first. With the advancement of technology and more so connected technology, IT professionals working remotely can easily work for individuals and businesses in the UK. Website design services are often outsourced in order to save costs, especially by start-ups and small businesses.

The Economy
Simple answer is yes. But the ‘yes’ also has multiple layered answers and reasons. It’s important to remember that many organisations outside of the UK, also ‘outsource’ to the UK. Small businesses probably not, but at the top, such as Financial Services, Government consultancy, Infra-structure, Building contracts…these are huge contracts won by the UK. Something to be proud of.

The gig economy continues to grow, and in the near future, flexible working will become the norm.

We believe in a hybrid solution and that’s the way we’ve been working for years. Client relationships, cutting edge design and project management of web services all happens in the UK, whilst we get the core development, i.e. coding and set up done by our teams in India.

This is a win-win solution. Everyone benefits and more to the point the client benefits by having a cost effective website designed with UK standards.

If you have a project or have several projects in mind and want to start providing web services to your customers, get in touch and see who we can offer hugely discounted rates.