LFS by We Are Brilliant

Dhavi Ltd (London Finance Solutions) reach out to We Are Brilliant for a complete new look!

Rebrand & more…

The first website, created over 5 years ago was great, we should know…we built it…but it was time to do it again.

Technology has changed considerably in the few years, so we were commissioned to go back to drawing board with one key requirement.

Keep all of the old content, but modernise everything else…and so we did! We created a new brand, which meant colours, logo which could also be used across various social media platforms.

Once the brand was finalised and agreed on, we quickly moved on to the structuring of the web page templates. We chose WordPress as the main Content Management System as it allowed us the web designers/developers to be flexible with style and creativity but more importantly, it allowed our client to be able to quickly update content from anywhere in the World, in real time.

Other services included:

  • Domain management
  • Advanced web and email hosting
  • Technical support

It has to be said that when outsourcing any services, it’s important to identify a partner that has some synergy with you or your business.

If you have a project or have several projects in mind and want to start providing web services to your customers, get in touch and see who we can offer hugely discounted rates.