More and more agencies in the UK are outsourcing their digital services in order to provide a full service to their clients.

An additional point

Outsourcing has been around for some time now, how this can still sometimes be a costly experience if not managed well.

Here are a few reasons why agencies outsource their web services:

  • Ability to add specialist services
  • Low set up costs
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Customer retention

It has to be said that when outsourcing any services, it’s important to identify a partner that has some synergy with you or your business.

A few examples when and how outsourcing can go wrong:

  • Lack of delivery from outsourced partners
  • Unable to enforce agreements
  • Poor quality of final solution
  • Lack of local knowledge (language or territory)

It’s not doom and gloom! We Are Brilliant is one of those agencies that is a hybrid of being the perfect outsourced partner. We innovate, design and manage the whole from our London office, whilst the core development and programming happens offshore by our employees.

So if you have a project or have several projects in mind and want to start providing web services to your customers, get in touch and see who we can offer hugely discounted rates.